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HR Tracking Database Software
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HR Tracking Database Software

Administration of an HR or Human Resources department requires accurate and precise data management. Resourceful small to medium- sized businesses often develop "employee management Excel spreadsheets", but eventually a more efficient and reliable solution is required to meet the demands of a growing business.

Online HR Management Systems exist, but they can be costly, difficult to use, and simply impractical for many organizations. Not to mention, are they really secure with your data?

None of the current HR software solutions are as robust and powerful and secure as a true custom-designed HR database management system.

HR Tracking Database Software by DB-Pros was designed to administer HR and employment information with instant results, while maintaining the accuracy and performance that is required for modern business. It is a flexible and easy-to-use database solution that is great for the professional HR manager with a growing staff.

Note: This HR Employee database management system can be used in many ways, from handling existing HR functional needs to tracking applicants and resumes for job openings and requisitions at growing businesses.

Benefits of DB-Pros' HR Tracking Database Software:

-Manage confidential HR employee and workforce information in a powerful, secure desktop database

-Simple and intuitive interface makes daily tasks efficient and easy

-Track current staff, job applicants and candidates, upload resumes and job applications

-Search, sort and filter critical employee and job history data instantly

-Create work statuses dynamically to organize your labor force

-Filter and view your organization by essential criteria that you define

-Preserve emergency contact information in electronic format and paper copies

-Maintain detailed wage, title and position history for every member in your staff

-Save and report personal time-off information accurately (sick time, vacation time, LOA, etc).

-Keep detailed certification, license and training records for all employees - quickly run reports to determine expiration/renewal status and ensure compliance

-Attach important documents and files directly to the employee's record - no more searching for lost docs - keep them all in one database at your fingertips

-Track employee awards and recognition

-Record disciplinary action(s) and use reporting to ensure proper follow-up

-Manage employee benefits and additional compensation

-Record HR grievance issues and resolution details

-Directly print batch address labels (supports standard Avery address labels - Avery 8160 etc.)

-Run and print essential employment reports for your organization, filtered by advanced criteria

-Export all data directly to Excel files for analysis and data/record retention

-Scalable and flexible custom database design can handle from one to thousands of employee records, with no monthly fees or hidden costs

-Add additional system users as your business needs develop and grow



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